+ROOM-ROOM | Novak + Drouin | This Friday!

Yann Novak + Jamie Drouin, Henry Art Gallery Visiting Artists, return to the Henry Auditorium this Friday! Get your tickets now!

Yann Novak + Jamie Drouin Performance

Friday, February 6 | 6:30 PM

Henry Members FREE | $5 General

Tickets available at the Henry Admissions Desk now! Seating is limited!


+ROOM-ROOM is a pair of sound installations for two adjacent galleries at the Henry. Novak and Drouin will each individually explore how the perception of these familiar places is transformed by sound. Through contrasting sensory experiences, the installations create an experiential divide between the two virtually identical rooms and restructure notions of architectural solidity and singularity in favor of more flexible, intuitive perceptions. The aural compositions, based on actual ambient noises recorded in the galleries, turn attention onto the spaces themselves and encourage us to rethink the ways in which we process physical location, and create assumptions about our surroundings. In collaboration with the artists, the Henry will produce a CD of stereo versions of the works.

The performance in conjunction with the exhibition +ROOM-ROOM will be a conversation in sound between Yann Novak and Jamie Drouin. Like the exhibition, this presentation will showcase their distinct approaches to utilizing the ambient recordings they create and manipulate.

From yannnovak.com:

The two artists first met on a panel discussion hosted by Seattle’s 2006 Decibel Festival at the Henry Art Gallery, and both immediately recognized a connection between their two bodies of soundwork; using altered field recordings and sharing a mutual interest in exploring the ability of sound to alter the atmosphere of spaces we inhabit—physically and emotionally.

Two months later, the two artists met once again at the Henry Art Gallery to perform Auditorium, which uses the performance space itself as a sonic point of departure. Recordings made by Novak of the empty space were amplified and layered to create a singular, modulating drone which enhanced the particular ‘fingerprint’ of the space. Drouin’s approach was to define the space with a more scalpel-like hand, inserting sonic pings and rhythms which called attention to the depth and scale of the auditorium, and to interject more textural sounds which would occassionally push the listeners attention outside of the building, reminding them of the thin membrane between the inside/outside worlds.

Join us for Friday’s performance and preview Henry exhibitions +ROOM-ROOM and William Kentridge. Two awesome visiting artists, one night only performance at the Henry!

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Jeppe Hein in Vancouver BC

For our readers up in the ‘Couve, Jeppe Hein will be giving a free lecture up at Emily Carr tonight via Vancouver Contemporary Art Gallery

Check out the Facebook invite

After the talk, Jeppe will jet across the border to orchestrate this little event we like to call SEE LISTEN TASTE FEEL! Do you have your tickets yet?!

SEE LISTEN TASTE FEEL Preview | Jeppe Hein’s Karriere


SEE LISTEN TASTE FEEL isn’t the only place where Danish-born Berlin-based artist Jeppe Hein has thrown a party. He is the mastermind behind Copenhagen’s KARRIERE BAR - part bar/restaurant, part gallery, part music lounge, part treehouse hideout – a contemporary space for “exclusive” and “informal” social interaction built and designed by world class artists Jeppe Hein, Olafur Eliasson, Ernesto Neto, Carsten Holler, among many others. With Karriere, Jeppe’s got some cred–the man knows what he’s doing. I won’t be in Copenhagen anytime soon, but SEE LISTEN TASTE FEEL will be here Saturday! More after the jump!

Aaaaaaaa!!! (Lounge)

Olafur Eliasson: International Career Lamp (lamper), Jeppe Hein: Illusion for a Second (bar), Ernesto Neto: Aaaaaaaa!!! (Lounge)

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