My kit was bashed in Vancouver, B.C.

My kit was bashed in Vancouver B.C. this past weekend at The Bodgers and Kludgers Cooperative Art Parlour. Steven Brekelmans, Kit Bashing was still up, despite its September 30th close. Yes, this is a complete heavy metal drum kit, and an amp, lovingly crafted out of paper and balsa wood. Yes, it is actual size. Yes, it’s pretty freaking awesome.

Kit Bashing Steven BrekelmansKit Bashing
I also caught Western Front’s exhibition on its last day. Architecture and Disaster featured works by Sabine Bitter and Helmut Weber, Tacita Dean, Adriana Kuiper and Geoffrey Pyke. The most surprising inclusion was Pyke’s strange stealth ice boat.

Imagine a room completely filled with tables of thoughtful independent publications – over 5,000 of them. And you are there and you want to look at almost every one. That’s what KIOSK: MODES OF MULTIPLICATION at Emily Carr’s Charles H. Scott is through October 29th. In conjunction with the archive’s exhibition, Cristoph Keller and Kathy Slade have launched Vancouver Special, a series of artists books featuring new work by Rodney Graham, Sydney Hermant, Mark Soo & Tim Lee, and the Music Appreciation Society.

I’d go on, and tell you all about The Rhubarb Society at Tracey Lawrence Gallery, but you still have another week to see it and I’d hate to spoil the surprises. Just make sure you listen to Jonathan Middleton’s record. You’ll want to do the dance from Thriller when you’re done.This weekend, Catriona Jeffries opens a new process-based work by Geoffrey Farmer. It sounds intriguing and involves an airplane fuselage.

The grass, however, is NOT greener elsewhere. It’s greenest right here in Seattle – you saw the 9 Spaces construction photos, right? That’s GREEN! It’s a busy time.

We’re gearing up for these
big events at the Henry (click the links to find out more)
THE 4th Annual Stranger Genius Awards (Saturday night!)
Aperture West Lecture this coming Saturday: Nicholas Kahn and Richard Selesnick (2PM, FREE!)
Opening Celebration for New Exhibitions (November 9)
Walid Raad’s Lecture at the Henry (November 9, in conjunction with the opening celebration)
The Artists’ Cinema launch, with guest artist and curator Jenny Perlin
Take The Cake Programs (Loudhailer on November 30, The multi-media extravaganza closing party on December 14)

And THESE events NOT at the HENRY
locust at On the Boards this weekend. (BMX Bikes! Zombies! @#%!Yeah!)
Let’s All Make Love in London (films of Peter Whitehead) at Northwest Film Forum
Crawl Space’s Current Works: Session 1 opens this weekend
Alex Schweder, Richard Barnes, and Charles Mason at Howard House opens tomorrow.


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