Bash Tickets F.A.Q.

Q. Should I get my ticket in advance or just show up?
A. Get it now! You’ll be glad when you are able to move swiftly through the line, and you’re drawing your number for the art sale while others are waiting to get in. The Henry’s last bash had 1197 attendees. I think at least 1192 of those attendees had a pretty freaking good time. Our building capacity is 1200. (Dang, we could have had three more!)

Q. Why does it cost money?
A. Consider the ticket price – your $50 (Henry Members) or $65 (General Admission) buys you a lot of delicious food, cocktails, beers, dancing to DJ Riz, a special performance by Sarah Rudinoff, Nick Garrison, and their band, Sissyfist, some live math, music, and astral analytics with those scientific charmers, The Vis-a-Vis Society, a turn at the ropes with On the Double, a chance to have your picture drawn by Ellen Forney on a cocktail napkin, and much, much more…There’s the ART. 200 works of art, each selling for $300 or less. Zowie! It’s an amazing list of artists, too.

Oh, yeah – and your ticket purchase supports the exhibitions and programs at the Henry all year long. If you ask me, it’s quite a bargain.

Q. But how does the sale work?
It’s a little complicated – but we’re doing our best to let you in on the magic and mayhem that is the Astral Art Sale. Read up here and revel in your knowledge when you arrive at the party. Here’s the short version:

We’ve traveled light years to a galaxy of over 200 works of art by talented artists from the Northwest and beyond. All works are presented anonymously, first at $300, then at $200, then at $100. Buy early (at $300) to insure the availability of your choice, or take your chances ($200, then $100)…
Here’s how it works:

For each section that you want to participate in:

1. Choose your art and keep your choice in mind. Make a backup choice, too.
2. Get a number, and line up in numerical order
3. Tell the art sale helpers which one you want, they will hand you the corresponding photograph.
4. Take the photograph to the pay table, and pay for your art!
5. Pick up your art before you leave. (All artwork must be claimed this evening, purchasers who leave artwork after the Big Bang Bash closes will be charged a $25 per day storage fee.)

Q. Can I still get tickets online?
A. Yes, yes, please do. Go here and get yours today while the getting is good.

Q. Do I have to wear a costume? Is this black tie?
A. No, and heck no. But if you like, costumes are welcome and encouraged. Dress up a little, dress up a lot, wear something fancy or silly, whatever. Wear what you feel the most awesome in, and come ready to have a good time.

Q. Can I see some pictures of people at the last Bash?
A. Yes, you can.
.2005 Bshville Art Sale'Awesome' at BashvilleSusan Robb and Friends at BashvilleArt Sale LadeezDraw your numbers!Sutton Beres Culler at BashvillePinnk at the Bash

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