Choose Your Own Director!

Last week Betsey posted about Jen Graves’s article in The Stranger regarding dream directors for the Henry as we embark upon a period of major transition. While reading this, I found myself wondering how others felt about these names, or if people have their own list of dream directors for the Henry.

So, I’m asking. Who do Hankblog readers think should be the next Henry director? The link below leads to poll, including 10 of the people Jen Graves listed in her article (I couldn’t fit them all), as well as a place for you to write in your own choice if he or she is not on the list. Please be aware that none of the people on this poll are in any way affiliated with the Henry Art Gallery and that this poll is merely a hypothetical, tell-me-what-you-think question, not an official decision-making mechanism of any sort. So, in other words, it’s for fun.

Participate in the poll!

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