Visually Engaging War

Last Friday I joined the lovely Betsey and Erin, formerly a student assistant, in Communications as their new Erin. It was a memorable first day, ending with Come Together with Harrell Fletcher, an AMAZING program in the University Art Institute series at the Henry. I am a museology (yes, it is a word, meaning museum studies) grad student here at UW and it was the most moving event I have attended at the Henry to date. For those of you that missed it, look here for more University Art Institute events to come.

In other news, two shows by Vietnamese contemporary artists, An-My Lê,: Small Wars  (here at the Henry) and A Tapestry of Memories: The Art of Dinh Q. Lê, (at the Bellevue Art Museum) coincide this month. We’re offering reciprocal membership for the month of October! This means that HAG members get free admission into BAM and vice-versa. Ultimately, a great opportunity to see two complementary exhibitions that consider the legacy of the Vietnam War. See what The Seattle Times has to say about the artworks.  

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