Robert Smithson’s Spiral Jetty in Danger? ! ? !


Read all about it on Modern Art Notes, and Bad at Sports, Bayou Dawn, and Grammar Police.

Apparently, Smithson’s widow, Nancy Holt, sent around a call-to-action e-mail yesterday – and the bloggers are definitely calling-to-action. This proposal to the State of Utah that would permit oil drilling in the Great Salt Lake near the site. It would be a crying, heartbreaking, stupid shame if the site were altered in this way.

I’m copying this important action info directly from Grammar Police’s site (thanks, GP):

Protest should be lodged with Jonathan Jemming at (801) 537-9023 or by close of business today (7 p.m. EST).
If you call or write to complain, refer to application #8853.

Link, email, call, and write. Roads and industry threaten to undermine the work. The site for the Jetty was chosen for being remote, austere, inaccessible, and useless. Call or write now if you’d like to keep it that way.

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