Positively negative

I just got an announcement from Chas Bowie about his new photography blog, That’s a Negative. I’ve missed Chas’s genius blog Your Daily Awesome (it ended, one dark day in November ’07 – with the memorable post Blogs End. Awesomeness Doesn’t).

In his words, That’s a Negative is:

a new blog about contemporary and historic photography. The goal of That’s a Negative is to provide a voice of critical discourse about the medium, to examine the lineage of contemporary trends, and to attempt to make sense of the practice and theories of global photography. I am exposed to photography in Portland more than anywhere else in the world, so the site will also serve as an ongoing record of photographic activity in Portland.

Currently on That’s a Negative, you will find reviews of exhibitions by Holly Andres and Stephen Berkman; links to essays by Max Kozloff, David Levi Strauss, and Bill Jay; an editorial on Photolucida that’s already generating controversy; and information about a Belgian man who’s trying to solve the JFK assassination with the aid of a camera obscura.

brownie camera

I’m excited, and it’ll be over there, on the blogroll in a minute.
Check it out here: http://thatsanegative.wordpress.com/

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