La ESPECIAL NORTE # 2 – On the Streets!


  • Dan Webb – I *Heart * Public Art
  • Heide Hinrichs – Only There
  • Debra Baxter – Neutral Nude Part One
  • Adrian Piper – Cheap Art Utopia (1976)
  • Matthew Offenbacher – Black Fu Dogs

Find your copy at Howard House , James Harris Gallery , Lawrimore Project , Crawl Space , SOIL , The Hideout, Western Bridge, or HERE at the Henry Art Gallery (over by the lockers), or by mailing a S.A.S.E. to 1402 NE 63rd St / Seattle, WA / 98115 (regular business envelope with 42c stamp).

*  *  *

La Especial Norte features writing by visual artists and their friends in the Pacific Northwest. Critical, theoretical, narrative, essay, review, interview, manifesto, speculative, visionary, practical, short or long, or somewhere in-between. Published two or three times a year. Edited by Matthew Offenbacher. Distributed free around Seattle.

Contributors past and present: Debra Baxter, Gretchen Bennett, Eli Hansen , Heide Hinrichs , Matthew Offenbacher , Joseph Park , Adrian Piper, Robert Smithson, and Dan Webb .

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