Velocity Dance + Open Floor | New Dance Cinema

Courtesy of Velocity Dance Center
Choreographer: Paige Barnes, Photographer: Laurent Ziegler. Courtesy of Velocity Dance Center.

The next edition of Open Floor will not be the last Tuesday of November (as you might expect), but will rather be on Thursday December 4th, at 7 PM.

The event is a partnership between the Open Floor crew and Velocity Dance Center, centered on their Next Dance Cinema presentation, now in it’s third year as showcase for dance films by Pacific Northwest artists.

This year’s selection of independent dance films was curated by Karn Junkinsmith and the evening promises to enchant and engage audiences of dance and visual art lovers alike. Next Dance Cinema is part of Velocity’s Next Fest NW that includes live dance performances December 12, 13 & 14, at 8pm at Velocity’s MainSpace Theater. For more information about Next Fest NW, and information about how to purchase tickets, Check out their website!

The artists represented in Next Dance Cinema 2008 and their featured work are:

Paige Barnes / lie down on a road (don’t get hurt)
Corrie Befort / 2 Kinds of Wind
Erika Mayfield / The Cyclist
Catherine Cummings / We’re Undermining and Withstanding
Kristina Dillard / For Anna
Jenna Veatch / Clementine
Yuki Enomoto / Running
Carla Barragan / Cocoon
Adam Sekuler / Merely Mouthpiece
Karn Junkinsmith / Strike
Alice Gosti / Airport Project
Megan Mertaugh / The Attic
Ricki Mason / Be Your (most attractive) Self
Nathan Vass and Rachel Randall / Green Triangle Poopy Park

Come for the chance not only to see these amazing films / videos, but for the Open Floor dialogue with these artists.

3 thoughts on “Velocity Dance + Open Floor | New Dance Cinema

  1. This is a photo of me: Choreographer- Paige Barnes taken by Photographer – Laurent Ziegler. Why is the credit not given? Can you correct this site, even though old, and credit the artists in this photo?

    Thank you, Paige

    1. Our apologies, Paige. It has been credited, and we’re always glad to do so when we have the right attribution. I think when Mike made this post he was working from all the materials he had from the Open Floor team.
      I’m glad that we have the right credit now. Thanks for letting us know.

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