Shake it Like an iPhone App?

With Polaroid ceasing production of its instant cameras and now its film, those seeking the nostalgia of the white frame are turning to the very technology which led to its demise.

This article in Newsweek discusses how the world is dealing with the loss of this beloved medium from iPhone apps to the Impossible Project.

While we all remember the impact that Polaroid had on family vacations, it also played a very important role for many artists.  Some of Andy Warhol’s Polaroids are currently featured in the Inside-Out exhibition here at the Henry. Polariods: Mapplethorpe will open at the Henry this October.

One thought on “Shake it Like an iPhone App?

  1. I remember my leather and chrome SX 70 while I was a graduate student at The School of the Art Insitute of Chicago. It was in constant use. So many artists have loved the Polaroid – to alter, for collage, etc.

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