7th Ave Window Project — ACT WANTS YOU!

Newsflash and opportunity for artists from ACT! (In short – they want art installations in their giant 7th Avenue Window)

ACT 7th Ave Window Project, Presented by The Central Heating Lab at ACT. ACT Theatre and the Central Heating Lab at ACT have introduced a new tradition in the Seattle arts community, and we want it to feature YOU.

A few times each year, ACT fills its giant 7th Avenue windows with art installations of all kinds, involving the themes and evocative imagery of ACT Theatre and its productions. These five large windows are physical proof of ACT’s mission, making the building even more of an engaging, eclectic center of art and culture. Not to mention, they make walking down 7th Avenue much more enjoyable! We want YOUR art to fill one of these windows, featuring your expression and ACT’s dedication to being the downtown center for the arts. Select a subject for your installation (list below), and develop a project based on its themes, elements, or qualities.

To help make your project a reality, each window artist will be awarded a budget of $1,000. Ten installation proposals will be selected in mid-August. Five will be installed at ACT in September, and another five in November. The comparative dates and subjects are listed below.

Take some time to think: which option connects with you? What themes, images, concepts could be drawn, to influence your installation? What materials would the art involve? Past installations have involved set construction, transparency, photography, video, muslin, velvet painting, vinyl records, and more – anything is possible.

The application is on the next page. Questions and applications can be sent to Ben Rapson at ben.rapson@acttheatre.org. All ideas will be considered, however formed or loose they may be. Join us in this exciting and inclusive new tradition!

Applications are due 5:00 p.m. Thursday, August 13. We hope you apply!

Thank you.

Possible subjects:

Sept. – Runt of the Litter (by a former NFL star, about family, football & the need to win)

Sept. – Rock ‘n’ Roll (by Tom Stoppard, about politics, passion and Pink Floyd, in 1968 Europe)

Nov. – A Christmas Carol (our 34th annual production – this display will be installed in Nov.)

Nov. – Sister’s Christmas Catechism (the Nun returns! – this display installed in Nov.)

Sept. or Nov. – Central Heating Lab at ACT (click to read About and History)

Sept. or Nov. – ACT – A Contemporary Theatre (click to read Manifesto, About, and History)

Artist Application – July 2009

1) Artist Name:

2) Relationship/connection to ACT (if any):

Choose a subject for your window installation: Runt of the Litter, Rock ‘n’ Roll, A Christmas Carol, Sister’s Christmas Catechism, Central Heating Lab at ACT, or ACT – A Contemporary Theatre. Click on each subject to find out more about it. To read the script for any of the shows (recommended), please contact ben.rapson@acttheatre.org or visit ACT’s Ticket Office to read it in our building.

3) Which subject will your window installation focus on?

4) Description of your window installation (please be as specific as you can, take as much room as you need to explain your idea or project):

5) Materials needed:

Each window is approximately 12’ feet wide and 8’ tall, made of three vertical panes. Installation area includes the window ledge, approximately 1.5’ deep. Installations that can be viewed or enjoyed somehow from both the outside and inside of the building are preferred but not necessarily required.

Five window installation projects will be selected, and awarded a budget of $1,000 each. Projects will be installed by the artist in early September, unless other arrangements are specifically made. Applications and questions can be sent to Ben Rapson at ben.rapson@acttheatre.org or 206-292-7660 x1326.

Applications are due at 5:00 p.m. Thursday, August 13.

Thank you.

Installations will be taken down in either November or January, depending on which subject they focus on.

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