Henry Collections on the WWW Can You DIG It?

Check out the Henry’s new digital interactive galleries (DIG).

The first exhibition featured in the DIG is from the Costume and Textile Collection.  In the DIG you will find pieces from the collection as well as a super sweet tool that links the collection with Google Earth and allows you to see where the pieces originated and what other pieces came from the region.

Here’s how to do it (starting from the DIG link):

1.  Click on the Costumes and Textiles Gallery

2.  Click on the Connections link

3.   Either click on the link to download and install Google Earth, if you haven’t already; or Choose one of the 4 geographic regions by clicking on the corresponding link

4.  At the bottom of each region page there is a button that says “Open This File in Google Earth” with the name of the specific region, click on that button

5.  A dialog box will appear asking you what to do with the file, make sure that “Open with Google Earth” is selected and click “OK”

6.  From there Google Earth will open, transporting you to a map of the selected region.  On this map will be red circles with white “H”s in them.  Each of these “H”s shows the origin of one of the pieces in the DIG.  When you select an “H” an image of the piece will be displayed along with information about the piece.

Have Fun!


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