Legalize Frostitution

I am a big fan of Cupcake Royale. It used to be because of the ever-so-moist cake and buttery frosting goodness. Now it’s because of the unbeatable combination of art + dessert. On Tuesday, Cupcake Royale opened its fourth location in the Seattle area at 1111 E. Pike on Capitol Hill. The line was out the door!

The store was designed by local artist Roy McMakin and Ian Butcher of Domestic Furniture. It features woodwork by Sterling Voss, glasswork by Greg Lundgren, and counter-tops and furniture by McMakin’s shop, Big Leaf Manufacturing. A perfect combination of dark wood, stained glass, white counter-tops, hot pink chairs, funky chandeliers, and exposed cement walls, this store couldn’t be better designed. McMakin and Cupcake Royale sure know how to treat all your senses. The cherry on top: fantastic art by local artists Jeffry Mitchell, Claudia Fitch, and Joey Veltkamp, and Ken Kelly.

I’ve never had a better Lavender cupcake.

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