What are we looking for?

Michael Kimmelman, chief art critic for The New York Times, poses a question in his most recent piece that the Henry has been asking for awhile – what do people actually do when they go to art museums?

The discussion continues in the response portion of the article as well as in the Arts Beat section of the newspaper. We highly recommend a quick (or slow) perusal of the comments made.

Some of our favorites…

“I take pictures of people taking pictures. Watching tourists attempt to engage in art is high drama and art in and of itself. I’m also a pretentious snot.”- princetoniensis. San Diego, CA

“…A small museum – a local art museum, a gallery exhibition or a specialty museum, dedicated to only one artist or one area – is different. It’s clear to the visitor that the museum is small and that you’ll easily see it all. There people do slow down, stop and look. If they don’t, it’s because the art on exhibition really doesn’t grab them, not because there’s too much to assimilate.” -Janne. Japan.

“In my humble opinion, this article seems to be writing about Love, about seeking and seeing Love. Simply put, people love different things. Some, like the two young women, love civilization enough to want art and artifacts to affect them. Some, like the aforementioned gals, love the Creative Spirit enough to allow other’s creative outpourings to impinge upon their psyches and affect them. They go to be a-Mused. These brave adventurers are vulnerable and curious enough to allow other’s creativity to arouse personal emotional responses…” -ashi. Woodland, PA


The Henry wants to know – what are your thoughts on the museum experience?

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