From my facebook inbox, to you, art lovers.

The doors will be open at the 1426 South Jackson Studios between 12-4 on Sunday August 23.
Read, forward, share the FB invite here. A note from one of the host artists, Ed Nelson:

Hello Dear Art Lover (or so-called art lover)!

How the heck are ya? Good I hope, not letting the recent scorching weather (Molten Lava 2009) getting you down and all.
Well, the jig is up as far as you going to see some art is concerned and, sorry, but you’re just going to have to go.
To the open house at our studio, 1426 South Jackson, Seattle, Washington, between 12-4 on Sunday August 23.

And it’s not me (Edward Ancher Nelson) who is ordering you to go (I would never do that), it’s President Barack Obama who, as part of the stimulus package, way down there on page 1423, subsection nine, paragraph (i)(b)(ii)(V) dash 12, lists “Going to Jackson Street Open House on Sunday August 23rd between 12-4 and purchasing art from 1426 South Jackson Street Artist” as a required action for you, the general public, to stimulate the economy.

It surprised us too, when we read it. But there it is. (We really have to thank President Obama for thinking about us.)

Oh, and there will be plenty of artists to choose from too, who will be opening their studio doors, including Carol Adelman, Sarah Banks, Jaq Chartier, Kathryn Daily, Julie Grant, Libby Hill, Jason Hirata, Hanna Jarvenpaa, Nan Johnson, Tircia Law, Jackie McDowell, Jesse Higgiins Murray, Me (Edward Ancher Nelson), Shari Noble, Brian Quinn, Stacy Schierholz, Wade Schin, Lynda Sherman, Michiko Swiggs, Gordon Wood, Rebecca Woodhouse and many more! ….Well, no, that’s about it.

Hope to see you there!

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