Wave Books Poetry Weekend @ Henry – Schedule

The Wave Books Poetry Weekend (August 14th-16th) at the Henry is fast approaching. Mark your calenders and make sure to come for any and all events that catch your eye!


August 14th:

FILMS | 11:30-4:00 pm | Feat. Denise Levertov (1966), Philip Whalen (1965), Theodore Roethke (1962), Helen Adam and Robin Blaser (1976)

BOOK ARTS | 1-3:00 pm | Sandra Kroupa, Book Arts & Rare Book Curator

READINGS | 7-9:00 pm | Noelle Kocot, Eileen Myles, Richard Meier, Maggie Nelson, Matthew Rohrer, Dara Wier and Matthew Zapruder 


August 15th:

FILMS | 11:30-2:30 pm | Feat. Barbara Guest (1993), Frank O’Hara (1966), James Schuyler (1988), John Ashbery and Jane Freilicher (1966)

READINGS | 7-9:00 pm | Joshua Beckman, Dorothea Lasky, Anthony McCann, Geoffrey Nutter, Mary Ruefle, Jon Woodward and Rachel Zucker


August 16th:

FILMS | 1:30-3:15 pm | Feat. Philip Whalen (1965), Bob Kaufman (1974) and John Wieners (1965)

READINGS | 11:00-4:00 pm | Limited-seat Skyspace readings by Joshua Beckman, Noelle Kocot, Dorothea Lasky, Anthony McCann, Eileen Myles, Richard Meier, Maggie Nelson, Geoffrey Nutter, Matthew Rohrer, Mary Ruefle, Dara Wier, Jon Woodward, Matthew Zapruder and Rachel Zucker



Tickets are available online. Weekend and Day passes will also be available at the door.

Visit the Wave Books website here

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