Expanding Cinema Beyond the Screen

Look what Northwest Film Forum is up to later this month:
(The rest of the Northwest Film Forum Live series is pretty fantastic, too!)

Bridging WoundsBridging Wounds

Sept 17 – 19

Paris Hurley (Degenerate Art Ensemble, Kultur Shock), Ezra Dickinson (Zoe Scofield, The Maureen Whiting Company), Jamie Iacoli (i&m), Tilla Kuenzli (The Maureen Whiting Company), Amanda Moore (filmmaker), and Paurl Walsh (Degenerate Art Ensemble, X-Ray Press) integrate original music, movement, and animation to explore the connection between words and perception. Explore the world of Post-Its, plastic and string, where shoes are adopted, then abandoned, imaginary kitchens are traversed and industrial and human sounds mix with violin and a cacophony of voices.

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