False Proof @ Kirkland Arts Center (opening tonight)

False Proof
September 11 – October 3, 2009
Curated by Cable Griffith

Nola Avienne, Zack Bent, Jana Brevick, Drew Christie, Jonathan Gitelson, Eugene Parnell, and Samantha Scherer.
Opening reception: Thursday, September 10, 6 – 8:30 PM

It is human nature to linger on the threshold between rational thought and total fantasy, fact and fiction, known and unknown, natural and supernatural, regardless of religious or spiritual persuasion.  A great many things in the universe defy explanation, and in some ways, we prefer it that way.  Answers can sometimes be cold and decisive, shutting the door to the fundamental question at the root of creativity, “What if?” The artists in False Proof address several of these time-tested phenomena by creating work that exploits the bubbles we preserve between knowing and not knowing.Referencing the coded drawings of medieval alchemists, Nola Avienne translates secret formulas using her own blood as a medium. Samantha Scherer shares her fascination with ghosts and ghost hunters by documenting the experiences of those at the forefront of the search for life after death.  Literally turning man-made reward systems on its head, Zack Bent harnesses and records an unearthly power’s affect on the common sports trophy.  Jana Brevick creates devices specifically designed to help answer questions beyond the normal scope of inquiry, and Jonathan Gitelson‘s investigation of a “close encounter” presented in Brady Bunch episode #110 yields surprising results.  Drew Christie documents folklore and his obsession with local legend, the Elliott Bay Sea Beast, and Eugene Parnell provides what hearsay and fuzzy film could not, transforming a figure from science fiction into one of scientific history with his 8 foot tall, taxidermal Bigfoot.

False Proof Image box 2

Kirkland Arts 033
Cotact: Cable Griffith
(425) 822-7161, x102
www.kirklandartscenter.orgKirkland Arts Center is located at the corner of 7th Avenue and Market Street in Kirkland, Washington. Hours for exhibits in the Kirkland Arts Center Gallery are Monday through Friday,

11 AM to 6 PM; Saturdays, 11 AM to 5 PM and second Thursdays until 8 PM.
The KAC Gallery is free and open to the public

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