Know a Teacher? Like Art? Forward this post!

There’s a great post on Modern Art Notes about the new season of Art:21.
The school situation Tyler Green describes is very similar to mine:

“So over the course of several days I heard schoolteachers and the art:21 staff talk about how art:21 was used in America’s schools to inject art and artists into conversations that students are already having about insert subject here. This did not exist when I was in school. In the whole of my elementary and secondary school career the closest I came to discussing art in the classroom was about 75 minutes on Renaissance painting when I was a sophomore in high school. (Thanks Mr. Holubar!) Given the increasing American focus on preparing students for standardized tests instead of preparing them for the world, my experience was, sadly, on the vanguard of American education.”

I grew up in Tulsa, Oklahoma – I took a fun pottery class once, my mom made stained glass, and I had a terrific drama teacher. Mostly, though, visual art was painting, and painting was mostly landscapes and portraits. On our bi-annual field trip to Philbrook Art Museum, I saw and discussed some dewy-eyed Bouguereaus.
Contemporary art? No way!

But teachers and students have resources, FREE ones, and great ways to integrate contemporary art into curriculum.  I second MAN’s prompt — check out Art:21’s educational materials for Season 5. Send them to other parents, teachers, and principals!

While you’re at it, spread the good word for the Henry’s
Fall Educator Workshop.

Tell a teacher!

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