On the Boards…off the Hook!

This past Tuesday marked the opening of another season at On the Boards and to commemorate the occasion they generously threw down the gauntlet and challenged the entire Seattle arts community to dust off their rackets, grab their shuttlecocks and meet in the parking lot for a good ol’ fashion hootenanny!  And so Badminton Royale was born.  As for the Henry team, after beating a couple of dance teams (sorry Vera Project/Velocity and Pacific Northwest Ballet) and making it further than any other museum, the Henry Hatchets fell to the eventual champions (Pottery Northwest) in the quarter-finals.  Even though the Henry team didn’t bring home the gold, we did win the ribbon for “Best Crowd Cheer”.  Unfortunately, due to the adult themes and language used in the winning cheers we are unable to reproduce them here, but rest assure they were “indeed” awesome.  A great big hearty Henry thank you goes out to On the Boards for putting this all together and doin’ it nice like.  As for Pottery Northwest, we’ll see you in the parking lot next year.

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