New England, Autumn

Anyone else from New England?  I saw this painting in storage the other day…


…and I had a rare feeling of disappointment in Seattle and its slow, monochrome autumns.

Heart of New England, a c. 1910-14 landscape in oil by Edmund Henry Garrett,  is from the collection of Horace C. Henry who gifted his works of art and the Henry Art Gallery’s original structure to the University of Washington in 1926. Henry hails from New England, too – North Bennington, VT. He came to Washington State to build rail lines.

If this painting smelled like New England (as much as it looks like New England), I would visit it daily.

(Also from New England, the world record for carved/decorated pumpkins displayed in a single location: 28,952.)

Edmund Henry Garrett, Heart of New England, c. 1910-14. Henry Art Gallery, Horace C. Henry Collection, 26.54.

2 thoughts on “New England, Autumn

  1. I am aware of the renowned New England autumn colours, but my family and I are going to New England (Boston, New York, Niagara Falls,Washington DC and anything in between!) June 2011. Although this won’t be autumn I do hope there will still be some lovely colours etc. to see!!

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