Henry Open House: DJ Dr. Lehl

Rich Lehl (handle: DJ Dr. Lehl) has been DJing for just shy of 10 years. You may remember him from the past three Halloween parties at the Hideout, the 007 New Years party (in 2007) at Ouch My Eye Studio, and the 2009 SOIL Annual Art Auction. Tomorrow night, he will be providing the soundtrack to the Henry Open House.  (Important question: Will he arrive in costume?)

Lehl is no stranger to the Henry.  He was a work-study student here during his undergraduate days at Cornish – greetings from Paul, Rich – and he had his first date with his future wife at our post-renovation re-opening party in 1997.  (When asked today about his recent music favorites, he listed “listening to my wife sing around the house” with Climax Golden Twins, Mos Def and some other very good things.)

Lehl is also a visual artist.  He creates deadpan, graphic oil paintings and prints that seem to glow from within – and he is working on a series of paintings for a show that will open at Packer Schopf Gallery in Chicago next May.

White Out

Find much more about Lehl and his work here. And come see/hear him at the museum tomorrow night!

Above: Rich Lehl, White Out, 2005. Oil on panel. 28 x 40 x 1 1/4 in. Photo courtesy the artist.

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