Calls for Participation: The Gift Shop

Friday, a new installation opened in The Gift Shop. Claire Cowie, Jason Hirata, and Sol Hashemi collaborated on The Gift Shop Presents: Presents.

“Anyone who wants to participate can make a gift, place it in the gallery, and choose one to take home. The gift exchange will continue during the Henry’s regular gallery hours, Friday November 20th through Sunday December 13th.”

A visitor receives a gift from Jenny Zwick!
Artist Jenny Zwick recieved a REAL Chanel Suit!!
Jenny Zwick received a REAL Chanel Suit!

Next up in the Gift Shop: Shaw Osha and Heide Heinrichs:

The Atlas of Gifted Ideas. Shaw and Heide need you!

An atlas is usually a collection of maps, charts and tables, most commonly of the earth’s geography, but there are also atlases of the solar system, moons and planets and things further out. In the end, an atlas is a collection of visual material and text on any subject of interest. We are longing for an atlas of gifted ideas.

Atlas is the brother of Prometheus. Prometheus plays with fire and Atlas has to hold up the skies; he creates space and separates the divine from everyday experience; his duty is not to mix up things and to keep the overview. We would encourage you to play with both of them: to burn your fingers and to walk out towards the divine.

We invite you to participate in a collaborative, artist-powered project called “The Gift Shop” at the Henry Art Gallery in Seattle, Washington. We are in charge of the space for three weeks, beginning December 18th. During this time ‘The Atlas of Gifted Ideas’ will unfold, with your gifted ideas illuminating the ceiling and walls. With a spirit of generosity and an openness to the contingency of chance we will bring together ideas in the form of drawings and poems: mingle them and give them away like new fortunes.

Please send us your drawing, image or poem to pass on, to position, to communicate, to travel and join ‘The Atlas of Gifted Ideas’.

For drawings and images: send a .jpg file in a resolution which would allow a black and white print 8 ½ x 11”.

For poems, send a simple word document.

The Atlas of gifted ideas will be a world in black and white.

All images/poems must be received by December 11th at the latest. Please send them to

The opening date of this constellation is December 18 at 7pm in the Gift Shop at the Henry Art Gallery. We would be happy to see you there.

Shaw Osha
Heide Hinrichs

One thought on “Calls for Participation: The Gift Shop

  1. If these poems are gifted,
    are they given fully away?
    Or can they be used
    by the poet
    at some later day?

    For though the passion
    of poetry flames like my evening fire,
    yet I still, after a fashion,
    retain the desire

    to use my poetry again …
    I just don’t know when.

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