Cranberry Blog | Sculpture Contest

As a kid, one of my favorite parts of Thanksgiving was slicing that red jellied cylinder into machine like slices along the ridges, using the lid of the cranberry can. Though I always toyed with the idea of using cranberry jelly as a sculpting material I had never tried it. Until today. After looking up some items through the Henry’s online collection, my friend and I selected a few pieces and got to sculpting. Our first task was to try and recreate a piece from Muses in Niches, by Roy McMakin. (Click the link to see the original.)This turned out well enough, so we attempted to do something a bit less can-shaped – La Passante, by John Carl Ely. This proved to be quite a bit more challenging for us, especially since cranberry melts the more you handle it. This Thanksgiving I invite you, dear Hankblog reader, to play with your food – more specifically with your delicious can-shaped cranberry jelly.
Pick your favorite  item, or one that you might find fun to sculpt out of cranberry,  from the Henry’s collection and  create your own delicious sculpture! When you’re done, wash off those sticky hands, take a photo of your masterpiece and send it to us!

You can email it or post it to our flickr page!

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