Today is the day!

Happy Birthday, Milton Rogovin!

Today Milton Rogovin turned 100 years old. To commemorate his life’s work, the Henry organized an exhibition of Rogovin’s photographs. Come check it out! If only we allowed food in the galleries… cupcakes and champagne sound delightful!

Some notable facts on Rogovin’s life and career:

1. Rogovin bought his first camera in 1942.

2. With the support of his wife Anne and their children, Rogovin retired from optometric practice to devoted himself fully to photography in 1978.

3. Rogovin has been married to Anne for 67 years. Anne not only accompanied Rogovin on his photographic journeys, but also corresponded with artists, musicians, activists, and museum directors – with the goal of making sure that Milton’s photographs would be seen not just in museums, but in health care clinic, subways, and in schools.

4. Rogovin was called before the House Un-American Activities Committee in 1952. The Buffalo Evening News headline about his testimony named him “Buffalo’s Top Red” and the persecution that followed significantly impacted his business and his family.

5. In 1999, the Library of Congress acquired 1,300 of Rogovin’s prints, his negatives, contact sheets, and published works as part of the Library’s collection. The irony was that the very government that persecuted him in the 1950’s now celebrated his defiant work as a champion of the poor and working class half a century later.

Visit the Henry’s website for more information on the exhibition.

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