The Ver(a)rt Gallery Presents: Make Me Think in Shades of Gray

Through black and white photography, social commentary is made, thoughts are provoked and laughter is aroused. Rajiv Kapoor, Sam Smith and the artists of Youth in Focus offer a wide range of subjects to be pondered. Is it dissonance or disparate ideas brought together in harmony?

Headquartered in Rainier Valley, the mission of Youth in Focus is to empower urban teens, through photography, to experience their world in new ways and make positive changes in their lives. The organization has taught high quality classes to over 1,400 students since its founding in 1994 and is committed to serving teens ages 13-19 with limited opportunities or facing difficult challenges, such as poverty, racism, homophobia, limited English language skills, depression, substance abuse and poor achievement in school.

Make Me Think in Shades of Gray is curated by Kat Vellos.

Ver(a)rt Gallery is a space for artists and curators of all-ages and practices to present their work and ideas. We are an arts laboratory, offering tools for creative experimentation and discovery to our diverse community. Youth, emerging artists, local crafters, those experimenting in new genres of unsellable or underrepresented work, and collaborative projects are all encouraged. In order to facilitate these works, we offer opportunities to participate as an exhibiting artist, a show curator, an installer, a promoter, a submissions reviewer, or in any number of other capacities. For those interested in taking on roles outside of their present skill range, we offer education and hands-on training, increasing arts knowledge in our community and potential for collaboration. For these same reasons we seek collaboration with other local arts organizations and youth organizations with arts programming. We believe in the inherent value of arts participation and are here to be a means to that end.

Opening Reception: January 6th, 6:30 – 8:30pm
Show runs through January 31st, 2010 at The Vera Project (Seattle Center at Warren Ave N & Republican St)

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