Happy New Year!: Looking Forward to The Brink Award Upcoming Exhibition

Hi, My name is Aletheia. I am a curatorial intern here at the Henry and a new contributer to the Hankblog!  How about I get started with some info about what is going on at the Henry in January?

The Henry bids a fond farewell to Jeppe Hein’s 360 Illusion II.  Its last day in the East Gallery is January 10. If you have been meaning to see Hein’s installation please come by! Have his neon signs and rotating mirror given the gallery space a new “spin?”

 In the place of Jeppe Hein’s work the Henry welcomes the solo show of The Brink Award recipient, and Vancouver artist, Isabelle Pauwels. Pauwels was selected to receive the inaugural award for her achievements as an emerging regional (Washington, Oregon and British Columbia) artist in 2009. Her exhibition, Incredibly, unbelievably/The complete ordered field, will open January 30th. Included in the show are two new video installations and accompanying photographs. Check it out, support, and celebrate with us the excellence of artists in the neighborhood!Also, keep eyes peeled for Pauwels’ artist lecture at the Henry on Friday, January 29th from 7-8:30 pm.  Images of Pauwels’ previous work can be found on her artist page at the Catriona Jeffries Gallery website.

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