New in The Gift Shop >> Moonlight Requisition: Debra Baxter, Margot Quan Knight, Matthew Offenbacher

Moonlight Requisition: Debra Baxter, Margot Quan Knight, Matthew Offenbacher
The Gift Shop
at the The Henry Art Gallery

On view Saturday, January 23rd through February 14.

  1. Get a big sink from the GSA.
  2. Paint a WPA-esque documentary-historical-heroic painting.
  3. With homemade soap.
  4. Anti-bacterial communal hand-washing station with homemade soap.
  5. With a gum sculpture.
  6. Home-made gum:
  7. Sculpt soaps out of alabaster.
  8. Consider waterfall photography.
  9. Frozen waterfalls.
  10. Ice climbing.
  11. Ansel Adams:
  12. Gravity-fed rainwater collection system to run fountain using a large funnel on G.W.’s head and tubing and/or solar panel.
  13. Fake roses, sticky nostalgia.
  14. Make-out room.
  15. Petrified pompeii people and dogs.
  16. AIDS quilt:
  17. Love vs. ardor.
  18. Ardor, some definitions: a feeling of strong eagerness (usually in favor of a person or cause), intense feeling of love, feelings of great warmth and intensity.
  19. Artifice vs. Sheep. Sheep are real.
  20. No pretense to a significant event occurring.

Thank you:  Jeffry Mitchell, Leo Saul Berk, Claude Zervas, Lorraine Parham, John Mutton, Joanna Baxter.

The Gift Shop Project #4 of 6

This is the fourth in a series of projects initiated and developed by Seattle artist Matthew Offenbacher which have turned the abandoned Henry Art Gallery gift shop into an autonomous, artist-powered, alternative exhibition space. Goals include: involving a diverse and interesting group of artists; developing means and methods which acknowledge the contingent nature of this particular site; generating new understandings of what an exhibition can be; and enjoying the pleasure and energy generated by working together. What makes water move uphill? Money!

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