Sending my good vibes across the border

Lucy Clout Untitled (eyebrows). 2008 Undercoat, pulleys, sash-cord, cleat, brackets, eyelets, mdf cut to fit Phillips desk Dimensions variable

This show,  An Invitation to An Infiltration, opens tonight in Vancouver, BC. I am sending it all my good vibes.

From the CAG’s site:

An ideal context for an examination of the competitive nature of group exhibitions is during the 2010 Winter Olympic Games. Organized by guest curator Eric Fredericksen, An Invitation to An Infiltration is a group exhibition of local and international artists ranging from emerging to established. The exhibition takes stock of the current state of artistic interventions in the physical space or institutional workings of a gallery. Over the course of its run, An Invitation to An Infiltration will continually disrupt the CAG’s gallery space and change over time. The exhibition extends from the galleries to the windows to the street, and embraces its secondary materials, particularly curatorial and promotional texts and web information.

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