Department of Safety: Culturing Anacortes Since 2002

Department of Safety, in Anacortes Washington, first opened in 2002 as an arts and events space that focused on  Sustainability, Art/Creativity, Community, Phenomenology, and making real some ideas they believe in.

Fireman Phil and the The Department of Safety Manifesto. Mission.

The DoS will soon  be closing its doors after 8 years of noteworthy exhibitions, events,  site-specific installations, residencies, and extensive show calender. There will be a farewell celebration on January 30th, 2010 featuring The Microphones, LAKE, Karl Blau, and Arrington de Dionyso.

It was a very difficult decision for all of those involved, but the time is now. This project was never meant to last forever. The DoS has been a miracle in so many ways. We’d like to thank everyone for their support throughout the years and for the recent outpouring of kindness. We still need your help to give this place the proper send off. Come and celebrate the DoS!

-DoS Dispatch

3 thoughts on “Department of Safety: Culturing Anacortes Since 2002

  1. Actually the project WAS meant to last forever. It was never _expected_ to last forever,sure, and it did survive longer than most of these kinds of initiatives. But a big part of the community did, in fact, mean for it to last forever. That was what made it crazy ambitious, and without the crazy ambition it would never have gotten nearly as far as it did. After all, sustainability was one of the “three main thrusts” of the original DoS manifesto, along with “creativity” and “community.” I know people have different methods of coping with a loss, but better to emphasize the utopic,
    self-consciously impractical ambition at the root of the project than crawl into a resigned fatalism of “everything dies eventually”. DoS was about trying to do something everyone thought was “impossible” and in doing so expanding the boundaries of what was possible for many people.

    Let’s honor its memory by doing more impossible things.

  2. Yes. More impossible things. Everyday.

    Apologies if the post sounded fatalistic. I was quoting the DoS blog, and not making a judgment call.

    The impossible imagination and fantastical scope of the DoS has always overreached its physical space and WILL continue to do so though the people, communities, and ideas it has inspired.

    – whitney

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