Object History Awareness

Sol Hashemi is back at the Tashiro Building this Thursday, this time at 4Culture.
After his 2008  performance-based exhibit at Punch Gallery, with former fellow Student Henry Advisory Group (S.H.A.G) member Jason Hirata, and a warmly welcomed exhibition in the the Henry’s Gift Shop this past December, 4Culture proudly presents the upcoming exhibition, Object History Awareness opening this Thursday at the 4Culture gallery.

In Object History Awareness, Hashemi organizes a multitude of images into carefully composed large-scale grids, 3 high, by 4 wide. The purpose of the grids is to juxtapose content in such a way as to convey connections between things. In the artist’s words, “I see everything as having the potential to become entangled through having a shared experience, such as an object being in the presence of another object.”

Although classification systems are usually rooted in science, Hashemi’s approach is more idiosyncratic. His pictures are an ambiguous mixture of straight documentation interspersed with others that he has surreptitiously altered. His interventions are not obvious; he is interested in keeping the viewer unaware of the relationship of the photographer to the construction of an image.

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