Have you seen Milton Rogovin’s photos yet?

Hi, Amy Chinn here.  I wanted to share how moved I am by one of the exhibitions upstairs.

Sugar from Lower West Side series, Buffalo, NY. 1973 Gelatin silver print Henry Art Gallery, extended loan as promised gift from Dr. Michael Kaplan, M.D."

The photos are beautiful. They really are. Right off the lobby, to get to the Skypace and galleries, you have to walk through the room where Happy 100th Birthday, Milton Rogovin! is showing. Visitors stop in their tracks to walk around this small room and study the powerful, quiet, amazing photographs of people who Rogovin has captured. This optometrist-turned-full-time-photographer, who turned 100 years old in December, has the ability to tell a story with a photograph, a story I wanted to know more about. The people in the photos are immigrants, factory workers, miners, single moms, elderly, families captured in their work place and in their home. People you might not look twice at if you would have passed them on the street in the 1970s (when the photos were taken) are presented here in a way that is so unique and respectful. Also in the room there is a video quietly playing of Rogovin and his wife Anne in his studio, talking about his work and the people he chose to photograph. He called them the “forgotten ones.”  These images stay with you. A great exhibit!

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