Sense/Sensibility at the Vera Project

SHOW: Sense/Sensibility

WHERE: Ver(a)rt Gallery at the Vera Project | Seattle Center: Warren Ave N & Republican St

WHEN:  Opening Reception February 9th, 2010 6:30pm – 8:30pm | Show runs through February 28th, 2010

WHAT: History, personal and otherwise is brought forth through an eclectic mix media and mode.

WHO: Anna-Mária Vág strives to bring to light the “rampant obsoletism” that plagues today’s society and in turn promote adaptive re-use and sustainable building   practices.  For this show by manner of projection she “documents the aesthetic, historical, and utilitarian value of vernacular buildings [who are] devoid of advocates” in order to rekindle a vanishing era and communicate meaning that the built environment has on our every day lives.

With fiber and found objects Jamey Braden & Allison Manch feature themes of love and personal history which invite the viewer to imagine a narrative of transformation all while threading a sense of humor throughout.

The work of Sarah Teasdale is heavily influenced Victorian era life, society and literature.  Her paintings are much about color often limiting her palette to two or three colors, she believes in color psychology, creating a sense of atmosphere with each of her pieces.

WHY: Cause its Ver(a)rt, and its awesome.

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