Open Floor: Toy Box Trio


Alexa, Gallery Services Rep. here.  I’m getting excited for Thursday night’s Open Floor presentation with the Toy Box Trio and thought I would give all you beautiful people a heads-up.  Pencil this into your planners, I hope to see you there! The performance starts at 7:30 in the Auditorium and is FREE!

Described as “New Classical Music with a Carnival Flair,” the Toy-Box Trio was founded in early 2007 by classical composer Harlan Glotzer while studying at Cornish College of the Arts. Concertina, toy piano, and tuba combine to create a sonic landscape evocative of dusty old music boxes and haunted carnivals. The Toy-Box Trio is committed to approaching time worn ideas and concepts from unexpected, untraditional, and rarely used angles, as well as providing a light and fanciful sonic atmosphere. (Listen here).

Open Floor is a monthly laboratory of ideas brought to you by Henry Art Gallery staff. Part artist survey, part lecture, part sing-along, part belly of the beast –  each month Henry Staff, local artists, musicians, performers, and filmmakers present work with the hope of generating new creative relationships. As its title suggests, Open Floor encourages the release of whatever vibrancy you may have swirling in your chest. Discussion is appropriate and debate seems necessary.  If you’re interested in exhibiting new work or ideas, email us at

Open Floor: Toy Box Trio
Auditorium FREE

One thought on “Open Floor: Toy Box Trio

  1. This concert was good! They sounded great – not super well attended unfortunately, but the trio was able to create their carnival-eerie-dark and at the same time FUN sound. They are very entertaining, easy-going and seem totally approachable, taking questions and comments from audience members throughout. They had t-shirts and CDs there for sale for only $10. Looking forward to hearing them again.

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