Fireside Chat with Rob Smith, btyb TARL.

This Saturday TARL will be hosting a fireside chat with Eugene artist Rob Smith followed by an art show/listening party for the opening of the exhibition,  on view from February 20 – March 6, 2010.

“The Great Invocation “Let light and love and power restore the plan on earth,” has been a guiding linguistic fulcrum for much of the Spiritualist Utopianism of our past 65 years. Within this phrase we also get some of the most debilitating capitulations into the conservatism and idealism typical of Western projects of spiritual emancipation: passivity, non-material motors of change, and the frightening notion of a plan to be restored.

Rob Smith has taken the ritualistic album Locrian Invocation (1975) by the channeling harp virtuoso and healer Joel Andrews as a contradictory material riddle to be decoded. The works in this show abstract from the LP itself, using formal properties of reflection, bondage, and tethering to diagram the contradictions of such a project, and make them critically legible to the uninitiated.”

Fireside Chat  7pm
Opening/Listening Party  8pm
Saturday February 20

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