You’re special (so special)

The new La Norda Specialo is here! #6, yahoo and congratulations!

Hello friends. I’m very proud to announce the sixth issue of La Norda Specialo.

  • Conversations between Gretchen Bennett and Shaw Osha
  • Hollis Frampton: A Stipulation of Terms from Maternal Hopi
  • Nicholas Nyland with Saya Moriyasu, Akio Takamori, Maki Tamura : A Day in Cathay
  • Rebar Niemi: Heathen Screams into the Fire, Punishes Self, Moves On
  • D.W. Burnam: Unmediated Melancholy: Debra Baxter’s “point of zero preconception”

with illustrations by Nicholas, Rebar, Shaw, Gretchen, Dan Carrillo, and Matt Browning.
February 2010. Printed in Seattle, Washington, USA.
4 – 8.5 x 14″ double-sided pages on pink paper, 500 copies.

Available free in Seattle: at Ambach and Rice, Greg Kucera Gallery, near the lockers at the Henry Art Gallery, in women’s bathroom at The Hideout, Howard House, James Harris Gallery, Lawrimore Projects, SOIL Cooperative Art Gallery, and Western Bridge; and in Portland, Oregon: at the Cooley Gallery at Reed College.

Also available free by mail, by sending a SASE envelope to 1402 NE 63rd St. Seattle Wa. 98115 (regular business-sized envelope with two 44 cent stamps please).

This issue has been supported by a generous grant from 4Culture. The website is made possible by the kind sponsorship of Jon Kvistad. La Norda is now being printing on a RISO High Speed Digital Duplicator awesomely donated by Sean O’Connell of the Witt Company. The contributing artists have donated substantial amounts of their time, effort and expertise.

For back issues and further information:

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