Animalia at the Open House!

As part of the patron and member preview (6-8 PM) at tomorrow’s Open House, Animalia, an exhibition of work from the museum collection curated by University of Washington student Natasha Lozanoff, will be on view in the Reed Collections Study Center. The exhibition, a survey of our evolving estimation of animals–tool to companion to symbol–was selected by Henry staff from a group of virtual exhibitions produced by Ellen Garvens’ Art 342 class. Class members used the museum’s online Collections Search to select and curate a virtual show on themes of their choice. Many, like Lozanoff, incorporated their own work into the exhibitions.

In addition to Animalia, all of the exhibitions created for the class will be on view in the Study Center in the form of student-designed posters.
Exhibition concepts by Danielle Comeaux, Amanda Kirk, and Joana Stillwell received honorable mentions.

Check in next week for photos from this event and more information on the class projects.

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