Last Night’s Lecture, Tonight’s Party

A few fantastic responses to Kiki Smith’s lecture in Kane Hall last night:

From  Regina Hackett’s Another Bouncing Ball:

When Smith spoke Thursday night to a packed house, many who showed up probably thought she’d talk about the exhibit. She touched on it but turned away, saying only that she began using photographs of her work as work when she needed to fill a space and improvised the photos into a kind of serial narrative.

Instead, in a voice that’s close to music with her curly gray hair streaming around her, she digressed. Each topic became a stepping stone to different parts of her mental garden.

From Jen Graves, on SLOG:

Girl is nobody’s bitch, was the point. And plainly, Smith intends to occupy all positions at once, to claim herself as the actor and the director, the kook and the intellectual, the underdog and the reluctant princess (she is the daughter of minimalist/modernist sculptor Tony Smith). And maybe occupying all positions at once is her radical move, her feint against the inherent vulnerability of being not only a female artist who works with the figure and with animals but also who had to clear some space for herself in the art world outside the shadow of her father.

Photos by Robert Wade.

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