And one more….

From Sharon Arnold’s post on Dimensions Variable:

Myself Have Seen It: Photography & Kiki Smith is opening tomorrow at the Henry, but if you get a chance to go to their Open House you’ll be able to see it tonight. In short, this is a show which highlights the artist’s use of photography not just as a medium, but as a tool to record and document as part of her creative process. The tiny postcard-sized photos along the floor are a small part of what Elizabeth Brown estimates were over 80,000 works she and Smith combed through for this exhibition, and they depict nearly everything one might encounter over a period of daily life with the artist. Many of the larger photographs are hyper-closeups of sculptures or wax casts right before a pour, steps in the mold-making/refining/finishing process, or finished works at various angles of interest. Mixed in semi-Salon-style with the photography are lithographs, large-scale prints, and drawings; and of course featured throughout each room are her sculptures. Of particular delight are the Sirens, (scattered throughout one of the main galleries), and the White Mammals on boards with their likenesses in print above them. This is an important show for anyone, but it especially speaks to artists who might, like Smith, obsessively document or take any kind of notes in the studio. It says these things are not separate from one another, your observation and the finished work. They are part of the same thing, and they come from the same place. These not-pieces will each, if not now, have a place somewhere someday.

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