Search Me I’m Irish

In a collection of over 24,000 objects, my search found over 80 records that match this description, many of them costumes and textiles. Among the collection of early 20th century woman’s blouses and infant’s caps there were two pieces, by American expressionist painter and  notable North West artist Morris Graves, that seemed to stand out on account of their being the only two search results that were not fiber works. The first is Watercolor on newsprint work titled Irish Peasant, 1955 and the other a Pencil and charcoal drawing on newsprint titled Irish Sofa, 1959 . The pieces also had a soft familiarity and I later recalled seeing similar works by the artist while doing collections research during my stint as an intern at the Morris Graves Museum of Art in Erueka, California. Memory is a strange gauge of preference. Conduct your own collections memory match – DIG through the Henry’s collections and see what surfaces.

posted by whitney.

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