Installation View of I Myself Have Seen It: Photography & Kiki Smith. Photo by Richard Nichol.

The Kiki Smith show I Myself Have Seen It: Photography and Kiki Smith, is a must-see. It is beautiful. I could not quit thinking about it for days after seeing it. The art, the photographs, the sculpture, it’s all fabulous. The thing that most impressed and completely floored me is the way the photographs are hung. The way the show is presented. When I walked in and looked around the first gallery, I was blown away. It is amazing. The style in which it is hung compliments the way the art is cropped and framed so completely. From the Sirens perched up near the ceiling on the molding – to the row of small photos along the baseboard. There is a LOT to look at and take in, but again, the way it is presented and the way the pictures are hung, the rooms, the light, the beauty – the whole experience allows you the space to absorb and feel what this show is about. I love the photographs – but there is so much more than photos here. I look forward to seeing and staring at it all again.

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