Open Floor: W3AVE

This Thursday night come on out for April’s Open Floor event, W3AVE.  We will be hosting a live collaborative art session featuring 18 talented artists working in the Seattle area.  This event is organized by S3A which is a group that promotes events and artists in the alternative art scene here in our very own city.  For Thursday’s event, the artists will each show up with a half completed 12″x16″ canvas, then work to complete each others’ pieces while the audience watches. With so many great artists, Open Floor is going to be wild.  I will be there, front row, watching the paint fly! Did I mention that DJ EMC and Acid Unicorn will be providing some excellent tunes for the artists to work with? It’s all happening here, Thursday at 7 p and is FREE to everyone! WOW!

The artist line-up includes: Ego, Stacey Rozich, Augie Pagan, Weirdo, Solace, John Osgood, Kevin “Sensei23” Sullivan, Zach Bohnenkamp, CASH, Ninjagrl, 179, Joe Vollan, Mat Savage, PaperMarbleS, Jeremy Gregory, Justin Hillgrove, Mike Capp & Mike Gardner.

Open Floor presents W3AVE, Thursday, April 29
Henry Auditorium 7-9pm

image: Stacey Rozich

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