Art Bombing

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more about “70 Million by Hold Your Horses !“, posted with vodpod

A short while back Seattle artist and arts organizer Lucas Spivey started a marginally wacky new blog to encourage engagement with the arts in a fun and somewhat literal way. The Site is Called And Now Its Art. Now there’s a place for you and your friends to send all those art-a-like photos you took during your last trip to the museum.

This video, above, by Hold Your Horses was recently posted by a viewer on the site and we just had to share the love. 70 Million, produced by a a Paris based group called L’Ogre, is a tongue and cheek reconstruction of several well known paintings in Art History.

“Remember those photos you took of your friends pretending to be the wife and husband from American Gothic? Or the one where you imitated Edvard Munch’s The Scream? Now we have a name and a website for that—it’s called art-bombing and you can post them at And Now It’s Art.”

Thanks Lucas!

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