The Kids Are Alright

School is almost out for Roosevelt High School students and what a great way to start celebrating the year’s accomplishments with the 12th annual Roosevelt Student Art Show and Open Mic at the Henry!

The RHS Student Art Show opened last Friday, May 7th and the event began with an Open Mic in the Henry auditorium. Students, family, friends and teachers filled the space to capacity in a show of support to the display of creativity, talent and skill on stage. Performances took shape in various forms; music, poetry, comedy and spoken word. It was a magnificent night that left anticipation for many more Open Mics in the future.  RHS students who helped make the event happen and curated the RHS Art Show were Elaine Colligan, Mia Stroutsos and Amy Stromme.  RHS student work will be on display through May 30th in the Henry education studio.

“Curating the RHS Art Show was both a delight and a challenge. Through playing around with the different artworks and deciding to hang the largely black-and-white photographs separately from the colorful paintings, I think a body of varied works turned into a cohesive show. Special kudos to Associate Curator Misa Jeffereis,who taught us some finer points about curating and helped eyeball a piece that couldn’t decide how it wanted to be hung. Many thanks also to Maria Reyna – she helped us coordinate and channel our ideas into a final project that we hope the artists and students who came for the Open Mic enjoyed.”

-Elaine Colligan

Our partnership with Roosevelt High School continues to grow and the Henry and community continue to be enriched with the students’ energy and abilities.

In addition to the students’ annual art show we also continue to benefit and learn from their participation in the Henry Art Gallery Artlink Program: RHS at the Henry. Students enroll in the program and train with Halinka Wodzicki, Museum Educator, to become docents and provide tours on current Henry exhibitions to their fellow peers. Offered twice in the school year, the students learn to lead a discussion about contemporary art and integrate it with classroom curriculum.

Many thanks to the students, Halinka Wodzicki, Henry staff, and all RHS teachers for their hard work and support.

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