MFA Guest Post: Maggie Carson Romano

The following is a guest post from one of the 2010 MFA exhibiting artists, Maggie Carson Romano.
The show will be opening Friday May 28th, so don’t miss it!

In the upcoming exhibition I will be showing two separate works that are part of a larger body titled “Accumulations.”  This is an ongoing study of visual and physical records looking at how experience is retained by different surfaces including skin, film, paper and concrete.
(the rest of the Accumulations series can be seen on my website)

One of my pieces in the show, Self-trace, for pressing against, is an embossed photograph that is a map of just the freckles on my skin. I raised the freckles from the paper by embossing them to make a map of my skin that you can both see and feel.   One of my reasons for making this work was that I wanted to show how my skin is acting like light sensitive photographic material, darkening over time from exposure to sunlight.

The other work I will have in this exhibition is an installation of a system titled (what made the wound, wound the thread). As the title suggests, the work explores both the strengthening and fragility than comes with injury and healing.  The making of this system began with a leaking pipe in my studio.  Over the past year it has developed into a sensitive device that will trace it’s own experience, staining a concrete slab as it responds to sounds in the gallery.  The system itself is very fragile, made mostly of latex and wood parts held together with one thread.   In order to move it into the Henry, I had to take the entire system apart.   Over the course of the next week, it will gradually come back to life in the gallery.  After having shared my studio with this being for the past year, it will be a very strange (and thrilling!) experience for me to reassemble it in a very new, and very public space!

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