One good idea due on Saturday

From our good friends at The Vera:

It’s always surprising when the easiest resources are under-utilized. The Ver(a)rt Gallery’s Call to Artists is possibly the easiest, most straight forward call in existence ever. We allow people to submit an application in any format. There are no artist bios to write. We recommend but don’t actually require a cd of jpgs. We encourage radical ideas and consider all applicants regardless of their stature. And there are no applications fees – not one. No $10 per image BS. We also take no commissions for work sold at our gallery. People are lining up for co-op galleries and submitting by the bazillions for more competitive submissions.

Why then, have more people not applied? It would take me about 15 minutes and one good idea to put together an application. I’m writing you because I need you to spread the word or if you have an idea yourself, artistic or curatorial.

Please help artists/curators reach us by this Saturday (June 5th)! We are an art space at your disposal!

Lucas Deon Spivey
Ver(a)rt Gallery

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