Last Week to See the 2010 MFA Thesis Exhibition

The 2010 University of Washington MFA Exhibition will be closing this Sunday June 27th so come and check out it this weekend. For more info about the works on view you can check out the Henry’s website, take a peek at the recent article in the Seattle Times, or check out some of these interviews taken during the student installation in early June.

Interview with MFA Graduate Peter Nelson, who wrote a guest blog a few weeks ago.
“My project involves a video of me and my wife reenacting a recorded audio dialogue of my parents, as well as a live vocal performance by my parents and a pianist. Since my folks are music educators and many of their stories are music themed (including an anecdote about how they met in their first harmony class as music majors”

Interview with Ren Sun, who graduated from UW with an MFA in painting.

“For me, art is not only “a weapon” but also is a war. It is a self-commanded cultural battle, a bloody spiritual combat. The artist must fight to attain peace, and must speak out to initiate social change. Choosing a subject is similar to choosing a battle ground; mastering the techniques is like training the troops for a commander. There is only one consequence for a war, which is either victory or defeat. As my troop, The Revelation of Himalayas series presents such a crucial confrontation between the unlimited demands of human civilization and the limited resources of Mother Nature.

In the MFA show here, my largest oil painting was titled as The Revelation of Himalayas- Some Day. It is on thirty two wood panels, 10’8” height by 21’4” width. Widely educating all audiences and all generations is one of my strategies. I constructed The Revelation of Himalayas-Some Day by using a semi-representational way to give a general visual hint, which along with the title and artist’s statement motivates the viewers to get all the information about the water source issues by themselves, in any way possible. In the painting, the unstable movements of the mountains, the sad-cool color tone, the slanting horizon, the contrast between large-overwhelming shaded areas and fewer highlights, and the scale of the huge painting depicts an uncertain ominous atmosphere that emotionally and conceptually interacts with audiences. Additionally, the abstract structures of the markers in the painting and the musical-visual melodies and rhythms demonstrate a formal aesthetic significance beyond the meanings of the sociology. ”

Interview with Evren Artiran, 2010 MFA graduate.
Exhibiting artist, Evren Artiran, discusses her work on view in the 2010 University of Washington MFA Thesis Exhibition.

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