31 Years, 4 to 5 Hours A Week, for the Henry

Susan Lenz. Volunteer, Decision Portrait Series.  Detail.
Susan Lenz. Volunteer, Decision Portrait Series. Detail.

The magic of Google Alerts led me to artist Susan Lenz’s embroidery and fiber arts blog. For this project, Susan wanted to illustrate  important and everyday decisions by creating portraits. For Volunteer, (other portraits listed here) she created a portrait of Henry Art Gallery volunteer Pat Albiston. Pat was one of the tireless volunteers who worked to create the Embroidery Stitch Identification Guide, a new resource available online.

From Pat (Henry Volunteer) via Art in Stitches:

I gave my time to the University of Washington Henry Art Gallery for 31 years (4 to 5 hours once a week during the academic year) to work with a committee to identify the stitches in the Henry Gallery’s Textile Collection and to standardize the stitch names. The index includes all the stitch names we found cross referenced to the most commonly used name which leads to additional information.  The committee membership varied over the years but I was there for the entire 31 years.   It was a fabulous experience and friendships developed until we were also a support group for each other.  We were allowed to handle all but the most fragile pieces in the collection.  What an opportunity!

Read Susan’s whole post, here.

Volunteer, Decision Portrait Series. Stitched words: Stitch identification; 4 to 5 hours a week for 31 years at the Henry Art Gallery. Xylene photo transfer on tea-stained muslin. 25" x 19" unframed; 31" x 25" framed. Stitches used: straight, running, couching!

2 thoughts on “31 Years, 4 to 5 Hours A Week, for the Henry

  1. Hi!
    Thanks so very much for sharing my work with others. I’ve truly enjoyed your on-line resources and hope my future brings me to Seattle for a visit!
    Do you ever accept exhibition proposals?
    Thanks so much!
    Susan Lenz

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