Get Involved! Call for Exhibition Guides

Get a behind the scenes look at the Henry Art Gallery by participating in our exciting Exhibition Guide Program!
A new class will begin Thursday, September 23, 2010.

The Henry is looking for volunteer Exhibition Guides to help us continue to bring art and people together by introducing and deepening the experience of its exhibitions for tour groups of all ages. Be part of one of the most important and far-reaching functions of the Henry. No experience or previous training is required but a background in art history, teaching, or museum docent work is helpful.

What is required? An active commitment and enthusiasm for exploring contemporary art. Tours are needed during the day, evenings, and weekends; Wednesday thru Sunday.
Classes will be held every other Thursday beginning on September 23 — December 2, from 12-2pm.

You will learn about modern and contemporary art, exciting and effective touring techniques, and receive a full introduction to the Henry’s collections and special exhibitions. The course is taught by Henry education staff, Henry curators and guest speakers.

Exhibition Guide Expectations:

• An ability to speak articulately and teach creatively. An inventive mind can bring life and fun to your tour. A willingness to teach using the visual thinking process is essential.
• Flexibility. Although the curatorial focus at the Henry is on modern and contemporary art, exhibitions range from historical shows that include work from the 19th century to
retrospectives of the modern period. Special exhibitions change every four to five months, and the collections are hung periodically. Tours are needed for both the
collections and the special exhibitions.
• Dependability. Guides are expected to arrive a little early for their tour, and not to cancel unless there is an emergency.
• Ability to commit to the program. Guides are expected to make a two-year commitment which combines training and subsequent work as a guide. It will be
expected that guides will be able to meet the requirement of leading two tours per month.
• Previous art background or a willingness to develop one. Although past coursework in art or art history or docent training is not required to start the program, it is strongly
recommended that guides continue research on their own to complement their training at the Henry. Guides are also encouraged to extend their training by continuously
visiting other museums and galleries in the region.
Exhibition Guide Benefits:
• Receive free admission to lectures, film screenings, education programs and exhibition openings.
• 15% discount on Henry catalogues and merchandise.
• Continual learning on the Henry Art Gallery collections and special exhibitions.
• Participate in the annual National Volunteer Week in April.
• Receive an annual Exhibition Guide recognition reception.
Applications are due September 10, 2010.

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