Function : Form : Funk Part 2

There is more amazing poetry that I need to share and some pics of the students at work. All of the students did an amazing job.



Stop staring at me

All of you

Every face in this room

Real or not

You’re disturbing


Bird houses ticking

Hammers and crescent shaped knives dangling

What is the meaning of this?

Communism – one house went cuckoo


The windows are flying away

So you can see outside

Clearer than ever before

So you can breathe some air

Fresher than ever before

By: Carmen Schafer

What do you want for dinner?  (inspired by Funk)

What would you like for dinner sir?

We have many types of delicacies

A curried eyeball from a pretty miss

A beating heart straight out of my little sis

An intenstine taken reluctantly from our guest

We assure you we only serve the best

Tendons that no longer cause the patient pain

Served along with bleeding veins

What’s that kind sir, you don’t want dinner

You say you want to become a bit thinner

That’s not a problem you should pose

It’s okay we’ll take your nose.

By: Linnea Uyeno

Roller Coaster of red

Cubes stacked together

Ghostly noise

A pattern of shapes

Waste of perfectly good tape

A silver-painted statue

Set apart in a corner


A mysterious smile on his lips

Hands folded

A wrist watch gleaming on his wrist

A circle of fiery red

Two cups upon one another

Still and silent

The colors seem to send a message

By: James Wedgewood

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